Leather Shine
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Leather Shine


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Restore and beautify all of your leathers.
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150 ml
  • Ingredients
    • Petrolatum (Vaseline®) (Lubricant)
    • Parrafin Wax 
    • Beeswax
    • Carnauba Wax
    • Phthalate-free Fragrance
  • Problem & Solution
    Some of your leather goods have lost their lustre and are beginning to show their wear. They may be cracking, fading or just aren’t as supple as when you bought them. Buying all new ones sounds drastic, not to mention expensive.
    Save your money! All you need is Leather Shine to have your leather goods looking like new again.
  • How To Use
    •     Rub the black side of the sponge applicator across the surface of the balm
    •     Apply to the leather surface sparingly using the black pad
    •     Polish with the white pad until glossy
    •     Not for use on suede.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Penetrates to naturally clean, restore and beautify leather
    • Stops cracking and fading
    • Restores original suppleness and protects against moisture
    • Formulated with pure Bee and Carnauba waxes
    • Geranium and Celery Seed Oils moisturise as they impart a subtle natural scent
    • No man-made waxes or harmful chemicals, alcohol or lye
    • Works on shoes, boots, purses, gloves, baseball mitts, belts, luggage, furniture, clothes, saddles—anything made of leather
    • Can also be used on rubber and hard plastic to restore lustre
    • Includes a sponge applicator.
  • Did You Know?
    The natural fibres in leather break down over time. It’s important to preserve and protect leather goods with a good conditioning product such as Leather Shine.
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